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A place of breath-taking natural beauty, our reforestation project is located in a zone of the Amazon that has been ravaged by slash and burn agriculture. Deforestation here has had a devasting impact on the environment, the wildlife and the local people but we’re determined to make a real difference. Our tree planting programme will restore 212 hectares of rainforest, offset 5443 tons of CO2 and support 342 farming families. The project is located in the buffer zone between Tambopata National Reserve, Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, and the city of Puerto Maldonado. It is home to some incredible species that have disappeared in other places. Rebuilding the rainforest here will help conserve the habitat for more than 30 high-conservation value species. This includes YULA’s spirit animals (a.k.a. the characters on our cans); the eye-catching blue macaw, the acrobatic spider monkey and the awesome panther. We want to see these animals survive and thrive.

A project like this also provides a vital life source to the people of the region. It promotes native crops like cacao, encourages ethical farming practices and guarantees sustainable livelihoods for local farmers and their families. All of the farms supported by our project are Fair Trade.

Farming families at our project
Farming families at our project

Our mission to minimise our impact doesn’t stop there. We use 100% recyclable aluminium cans and we’ve worked really hard to source ingredients that meet our high sustainability standards. Our green tea comes from tea gardens certified by the Rainforest Alliance – global recognition that our supplier’s farming practices protect the environment, wildlife and the workers.

Inspired to join us in our fight to protect the rainforest? With One Tree Planted’s One Dollar, One Tree program you can plant a tree for $1. Find out more about One Tree Planted here.