Let’s be honest, our love of fast EVERYTHING means our planet is on a slippery slope to who-knows-where. So what can we do that’s simple, realistic and doesn’t involve moving to a yurt in the woods? The answer is lots! Here’s 6 eco-wins that prove living more sustainably is easier than you think... 

One Reforestation

1.    Find your nearest tap

We all know the planet has a serious problem with plastic. The prediction is that eight million tonnes of the stuff will be dumped into the oceans this year alone. Shocking right? Hopefully you’ve already invested in a reusable water bottle and now you can make the most of it with the cool new app Tap. It will help you pinpoint thousands of water stations in 7,100 cities across 30 countries so you’ll never be forced to buy a single-use plastic bottle again.

2.    Say no to the disposable cutlery

We’ve all been there. You’ve 5 minutes until your next meeting so lunch is gonna be a dash and grab. But busyness is no excuse for laziness people! Resist the urge to grab disposable cutlery (even if they are compostable) and make the one-minute mission to the office kitchen to get grab a proper fork. Simple.


The Art Of The Smile

The Art Of The Smile


3.    Take the shower power pledge

This eco-initiative encourages us to take shorter (and cooler) showers. Cutting down the time you spend in the shower saves time (5 more minutes snoozing anyone?), money, energy and precious water. Sounds like a no-brainer to us.

4.    Track your climate footprint

Getting to grips with how your everyday choices affect the climate can be a real eye-opener. The good news is there’s tons of clever calculator apps to make tracking your carbon footprint as easy as tap, tap, tap. Full of handy tips to save money AND lower your footprint, Oreeco’s app is one of our favs.

Macaw Can

5.    Get creative

We humans are great at making rubbish. Just think about all the things you fling in the bin every day! So if you want to do some good, it’s time to go Etsy on it and upcycle wherever possible. That glass pasta jar you were about to bin? A plant pot, a vase, money jar, a terrarium, cute fairy lights feature…the possibilities are endless.

6.    Finish with fast fashion

Stop us if this sounds familiar. You’ve an online basket bulging with fast-fashion finds and you’re just waiting for pay day to hit the BUY button. Never mind about your bank balance, have you stopped to consider what your shopping habit costs the planet? The fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of the global carbon emissions so buying less, buying second-hand, buying vintage will make a big difference. *Empties basket immediately*

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